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Commitment Payment

Player fundraising commitment deposit of $300 will need to be paid at the team meetings. If your player has already met their fundraising requirement, you will not need to give a commitment deposit.

There will be two more fundraising opportunities, Impact Card sales and a Lynde spring flower sale.

Individual Fundraising Target

The expectation in order to meet program expenses is that each athlete raises $300 through a combination of:

  • the pre-season FundCraz’r sales

  • Impact Card sales

  • Lynde Spring Flower Sale

  • buying out of fundraising (in full or in part) by writing a personal check to MGGLC

As a non-funded high school sport, our Girls Lacrosse Booster Club fundraisers are critical to our ability to support a quality program for all of our girls.  More specifically, the money we raise is used for expenses such as coaching salaries, equipment, referees, busing, uniforms, etc.