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Fall 2020 HS Girls LAX practices

Hi Crimson Lax Families,

Thank you for your patience as we are finalizing our October lax practices. Our schedule is now on our website We will have 12 practices that will be run by our coaches. These are optional practices, but if your player would like to participate in one, some, or all the practices they must sign up through MGSH Smartschoolk12. ( NOTE: This is a new system that replaced Feepay. Please contact the athletic office for any questions regarding this new system.) These practices are free, but the school would like documentation of who signed up. Physicals must be current (they last for three years). Physicals that were set to expire in the spring were granted one more year of eligibility. 

There will be procedures in place to keep the players and coaches safe during these practices due to Covid-19. Attached you will find our full Covid-19 plan. 

The most important pieces of this plan are:

  1. Do NOT attend if you are feeling sick or you have been exposed to someone with Covid-19.
  2. Players should take their temperatures at home before they come to practice. Temperatures over 100.3 F should seek medical advice and that person will need to stay at home. 
  3. Masks are mandatory coming to and from practice. Athletes can remove their masks once they get the approval from the coaches. Coaches will wear masks during practices. 
  4. Players must put on cleats, pinneys, etc. in their vehicles before they arrive at the field and they will take them off once they return to their vehicles as well.
  5. No sharing water, snacks, etc. 
  6. Only players and coaches will be allowed on the fields. Parents/guardians/fans/etc. should not attend unless to pick up and drop off in the parking lot.
  7. We have two fields reserved so we will break into smaller pods once we know numbers. Coaches will group pods by experience level so athletes get the most out of their practices.  

Please direct any new players you know interested in the high school program to this information!

Thank you!
Coach Haley


Let's get after it girls!

Here is a bunch of encouraged, but optional workouts to help you get ready for the season. There are also rules for new players and updated rules for new players. Get creative with what you use for nets, cones, ladders, hurdles, etc. If you have a parent or sibling that can help with any partner stuff that would be awesome too. Almost everything is a video link that explains how to do the drill. 

Note: if you choose to do these workouts make sure you are complying to proper social distancing, and all other state and federal mandates. We ask you to NOT meet up with teammates to do these workouts. We want you healthy more than anything else. 



4- 25 minute runs


Agility and quickness: (from 1st week)


Wall ball routines: (wrist strength) (wrist strength)


Shake school drills for dodging and shooting:


More advanced drills to cage: has three drills. Get creative with what you use for comes, hurdles, nets, etc. Also please note the full extension on all the shots. These are great drills for both girls and boys lax.


Other stick work:


Stay safe and healthy!

The Coaches

Attachments area

Preview YouTube video 20 Mini Hurdle Drills for Speed, Quickness, and Agility

Preview YouTube video FULL LENGTH Agility Ladder Workout!!!!

Preview YouTube video Top 3 Lacrosse Drills designed to help you win 1v1 matchups, hosted by ECD


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